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We understand. You enjoy your home, but it is now time for it to adapt to your changing family, updated tastes, and changing lifestyle. Your wish list may be extensive, and you’re filled with anticipation. This is where we can help. Our partners and we take your hopes and dreams for your home and make them a reality. But we’re not just concerned with the final product. We will also ensure that your home improvement journey is seamless, transparent, and an enjoyable experience.



Your renovation journey starts when we visit you at your home for a walk-through consultation. During this visit, you will learn more about us and our approach, and we will learn more about your home restoration goals and aspirations. Together, we establish a wish list and scope of work for your home renovation project. This will serve as a guide for the architectural design phase.


This is an exciting and creative part of your renovation experience! We collaborate with you, your architect, and your designer to create your dream Renovation. We value-engineer it by offering cost-saving options, assuring constructability issues are addressed, and then develop a preliminary cost estimate followed by a clear and comprehensive budget for your home. Be aware of any work done on an existing home; there may be hidden surprises behind walls or floors. We will create allowances for these potential hidden surprises so you won’t be caught off guard.


If you hire us as your builder, our team will navigate your renovation plans through the city permit process. We also develop a detailed construction timetable for your home, lead you through the material selection process, and refine the budget with each new pick.


During this stage, you will begin to experience your vision coming to life as your home takes shape. Our construction managers organize, coordinate, and monitor our qualified team of vendors and subcontractors in the field to ensure that your home is completed on time and within budget. We provide detailed budget monitoring, selection management, and subcontract supervision. In addition, you can log into our client dashboard at any time throughout construction to view your home’s budget, timetable, selections, and progress pics.


Congratulations! This is the time to pause and appreciate the rewards of our combined labor. Your house is ready to be a home, a shelter, and a place where your family will create memories for years to come. You will move into your new home after a letter of occupancy from the city or municipality and a walk-through with our team. We will tackle any punch list items quickly and efficiently; ideally, we will have tackled those punch list items in the last month of your project, and you will not be bothered by our construction team on site.


The end of construction does not mean the end of support. Throughout (and far after) the warranty term, we will remain highly responsive and attentive to your demands. All materials and craftsmanship are covered for one year, plumbing, electricity, and HVAC are covered for two years, and structural components are covered for ten years. We are committed to not just preserving the quality and integrity of our houses but also the integrity of our partnership with you and your family.
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We love fine homebuilding. This realization brings with it the ongoing challenge of continuously improving at our craft – a challenge we gladly welcome daily. When you choose us as your builder, you will get a high-performing team solely focused on delivering an extraordinary home while exceeding your expectations. As your home builder, we will:
  • Sustain our responsiveness and commitment to your needs.
  • Manage construction schedules
  • Closely monitor project budgets
  • Keep you updated at all times on project progress
  • Take serious care of your resources
  • Keep a positive and professional attitude at all times
  • Carry out a streamlined warranty process
  • Deliver a high-quality home that surpasses your expectations
  • Implement and maintain job site safety guidelines and controls
  • Resolve construction challenges quickly
  • Demand the greatest standard of quality from ourselves and our subcontractors
  • Examine Construction Materials for flaws
  • Organization of the selection process
  • Mobilize, organize and manage our vendors and subs


First, you should know that in Oregon, not just anyone can be a builder. There are licenses and various certifications required by law in this state. However, there are many home builders in and around Portland, Corvallis, Philomath & Albany. Do as much research as possible to determine how experienced and capable your builder prospects are. Interview them. Request to accompany them to a home they've built and one in progress (so you can see how they run their site during construction). Speak with their past homeowners. Learn their processes to ensure they are well-organized and efficient. Assess whether they're a good fit for you and your family.

For more information on this subject, check out our Learning Center, How to Choose the Right Builder for You.

The complexity of your home renovation primarily determines the answer to this question. Because we do large-scale home renovations that touch multiple areas of the home at one time, construction for our renovation projects can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. The following elements have the most influence on home renovation durations:

  • The renovation's extent and difficulty
  • The number of areas / size of project
  • Is work being done to the interior and/or exterior
  • Any significant structural modifications that may be required
  • Architectural design style and complexity.
  • Your builder's organizational skills and sub-management capabilities
  • The quality and dependability of your builder's sub base
  • Homeowner resolve in making design selections.
  • Weather-related building delays
  • The availability of building materials

This is such a crucial question! We have established our reputation over the last 20 years by never cutting corners and  ensuring that our homes are of the finest quality.
To accomplish this, a great deal of passion, commitment, and focused intent is required.

Our quality assurance measures are rigorous during construction. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in high-end custom residential construction who are ensuring that only the highest-quality materials and  procedures are used to build your home.

In fact, before becoming a part of our sub-network, all of our subcontractors are extensively screened for quality, value, and  dependability. Furthermore, our project managers bring value to our homes by remaining  current on the ever-changing best practices in building science.

We stand by our work after it has been completed.
Our warranty process is simple, and our team is available to you even after you've moved in.

One of our prior customers put it best:
"We've been in the house for nine years, and as with any house, problems develop from time to time that requires maintenance. Randy has never hesitated to make himself and his team available to help with problem diagnosis and choose the appropriate solution and contractor  for the project. That long-term commitment is perhaps what we value the most.”

We typically take on Whole House renovation and medium to large-scale additions. The difference between a small-scale and large-scale depends mainly on the project's scope and complexity. While many home remodelers specialize in single-room makeovers like kitchens and baths, we excel at fully custom, whole-house renovation affecting multiple rooms in the home. Our renovations typically involve complex moving parts on both the exterior and the interior, requiring thoughtful and precise coordination of various trades and the ability to problem solve quickly. We have over 30 years of experience renovating homes of all sizes and styles. From Craftsman and Victorians to mid-century moderns and today's modern homes, we are confident that we've executed precisely what you are looking for. Please browse through our gallery of completed projects to see how you can have it all when renovating your home.

Homeowner communication is critical to us in order to provide our homeowners with a home building experience that is as transparent and comfortable as possible.
When you build with us, you can use our client site at any time to view your home's current schedule, updated and projected budget, pending selections and approvals, and construction photos and videos.
We understand that your home is your family's largest investment, so we make certain that you are always kept up to date on its progress.

One of the most crucial decisions you will make occurs at the outset of your project when you choose your builder and architect. Selecting the best builder and architect for you will significantly impact your project's overall success. The ideal architect will use your vision and inspiration to create a home perfect for you and your family. The best builders will take your concept and turn it into a reality while making the process easy and fun for you. Don't underestimate the value of this first and significant decision. Renovating homes in Portland, especially Historic homes, requires a skill set that is only learned through years of experience and multiple projects. Check out our whole house renovations of Historic or Period homes, and you'll see we have the expertise necessary to execute at the highest level. If you need assistance assembling your dream team, read our blog posts: Trying to Choose an Architect? 10 Questions to Ask and How to Select the Best Custom Builder for You Secondly, you will begin making dozens of design decisions for your home before construction begins. Some will feel more significant to you than others. It's an exciting process, but it can also be intimidating. Without assistance, "decision fatigue" can develop. We will work closely with you, your architect, and your interior designer to ensure all selections are completed on time to keep construction on budget and schedule. To make this procedure as easy for you as possible, we design a personalized, thorough selection timetable that is constantly updated and monitored by us.
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