Architectural Details

When planning a home renovation or new home build, the significance of architectural details cannot be  overstated. Moldings, trim, windows, doors, and ornate embellishments are all examples of architectural details. These seemingly insignificant details have a significant impact on a home’s personality and aesthetic. They make the design more interesting to look at and give it a sense of expert  craftsmanship. By focusing on the finer details of construction, we can make your homes more than just pretty to look at; they can be structures that stand the test of time.

Your project’s value can be significantly enhanced by paying close attention to the appropriate architectural features of your home. Projects, whether new construction or renovation, with well-executed and well-thought-out architectural features, tend to sell faster and for higher prices. A property that has been upgraded with these features will stand out in a crowded housing market. Our houses typically always sell at the top of the market and quite quickly, and we feel that our attention to even the most subtle architectural details makes the difference. When you peruse through our gallery of homes and renovations, you will notice what a difference even the smallest detail can make. At RR Chandler, we have had the same team of craftsmen together for over two decades. We know quality, and we know craftsmanship. Please reach out, and we can discuss all the “details”!

We are not just another contractor

When you hire RR Chandler, you have someone on your side who has been doing this for a lifetime. RR Chandler has over 30 years of expertise in building and renovating luxury homes for families in the Portland and the Willamette Valley area.

RR Chandler offers:

  • Build thorough real-world budgets and timelines.
  • Best practice building materials and procedure.
  • We use a reliable, loyal, and high-quality subcontractor base. Many of them have been with us for over 30 years. They have been part of our renovations and our new build projects which you can view in our Gallery of projects.
  • A dedicated team to oversee every aspect of your construction.
  • Daily and weekly updates are customized to your preferred method of communication.
  • A collaborative and respectful relationship with your chosen Architect & Designer.

If you are starting to think about a project or are ready to get one started, reach out!  Starting the process in the beginning stages can and will make the difference between a potentially confusing and frustrating experience and a smooth and stress-free process!

We look forward to talking to you soon.

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