Multiplexes & Duplexes

Multiplexes & Duplexes Home Plans

Multi-Family house plans accommodate two or more living units within a single structure, such as duplexes, townhomes, or triplexes, optimizing space without compromising privacy. These plans typically feature compact designs, shared walls, and separate entrances for each unit, offering flexibility in configurations.  As well, they often work very well on narrow lots.  One of the major benefits of Multi-Family house plans is their cost efficiency, as shared construction and land expenses make them more economical per unit than single-family homes. Additionally, it can provide potential rental income for owners, making Multi-Family house plans an attractive option for those looking for affordability, social connection, and financial benefits.

urban Triplex

contemporary duplex

modern duplex

farmhouse duplex

3 Story modern duplex





The First Steps to Your Dream Home

Whether you just started playing with the idea of a new home or a custom renovation or are already working with an architect, we’d love to sit down and talk about your plans. As mentioned before, chances are we’ve already executed a build or renovation similar in scope to your project, which will allow us to give you real-world advice on all aspects of your project. We also may have ideas that you haven’t even thought were possible. We will also connect you with what we feel would be your best match for Architects and Designers as you build the perfect team to execute your dream.

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